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65th San Sebastian Film Festival
22/30 September 2017 - #65ssiff

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Tabor ujodit v niebo
Official Selection

Zobar, Babulia and Talimón, three gypsies flee from the Austro-Hungarian frontier guards on stolen horses. In their flight, they separate. Zobar, wounded, goes into a wood. The beautiful gypsy, Rada, cures him and disappears. Luiku Zobar continues with his adventures and on finding Rada is invited to her camp. He robs a white mare and when he goes to give it to her he finds the camp empty. The gendarmes arrest him and the gallows await him. Finally Rada agrees to marry Zobar. But at the moment of asking the father for her hand the two die tragically. A solitary cross in the steppes marks Luiki Zobar's grave. His faithful horse paws the ground close by. 



He was born in Moldova in 1936. He studied at a school in Bucharest. In 1952 he went to the Sovietic Union and entered the School-Studies of the Artistic Academic Theater of Moscow (MJAT), but he is convinced that his vocation is as a director, and not as an actor. He went to the National Film Institute and graduated as director in 1961. Since then he has directed the feature films: Wait for Us at Dawn (1963), Red Meadows (1966), That moment (on the Spanish Civil War, in 1970, a film that was awarded a national prize in his country), and The Leutaros (1972, which was screened in the Official Competition Section of the San Sebastian Festival). Now he is preparing a film version of Chekhov's novel The Lady in the Hunt. Lotianu has published ten books of poems and belongs to the Union of Soviet Writers.

Emil Lotianu
Emil Lotianu, Maxim Gorky
Cuentos besarabos de Maxim Gorki
Sergei Vroski
Evgueni Dogá
Grigore Grigoriu, Svetlana Toma, Boris Muláiev, Elena Sadóvskaya, Serguei Finiti, Nelli Volshanínova, Pavel Andréichenko
Running Time
95 m.
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