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All the films of the 39 edition: all films
Films: 147
Running time
Pasquale Squitieri
Not in competition
Joel Coen
Not in competition
John Singleton
Not in competition
Giorgio Ferrara
Not in competition
Carlos Saura
Not in competition
Radha Bharadwaj
89 min.
Teresa de Pelegri
7 min.
Jochen Kuhn
11 min.
Hans Andreas Guttner
15 min.
José Luis García Sánchez
José Luis Tristán
Not in competition
István Szabó
Not in competition
Fernando Merinero
9 min.
Alicia de la Cruz
13 min.
Eva Fredrikke Dahr
15 min.
Jackie McKimmie
95 min.
Paul Knox (Amber Production Team)
Dean Chapman (Amber Production Team)
Bryan Dixon (Amber Production Team)
Danielle Giddins (Amber Production Team)
Ellin Hare (Amber Production Team)
Liz Hingley (Amber Production Team)
Caitrin Innis (Amber Production Team)
Dawn Felicia Knox (Amber Production Team)
Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen (Amber Production Team)
Laura Laffler (Amber Production Team)
Gailen Manuel (Amber Production Team)
Peter Roberts (Amber Production Team)
Catherine Scott (Amber Production Team)
Peter Scott (Amber Production Team)
Sarah Stamp (Amber Production Team)
M. Carmen Galán
17 min.
Luis Alberto Lamata
Ferrán Llagostera
Gillies MacKinnon
Giuseppe Piccioni
Giulio Base
Ciro Cappellari
Javier Torre
Catherine McDonnell
52 min.
Mark Sobel
Bernt Capra
112 min.
Stefan Dähnert
Alexander Seldowitsch
Frank Hoffmann
Paul Kieffer
Pedro Pinzolas
Unni Straume
80 min.
Bogdan Dumitrescu
Dirk Schäfer
Richard Fleischer
110 min.
Richard Attenborough
Sidney Hayers
175 min.
Michael Powell
Emeric Pressburger
104 min.
Douglas Hickoy
111 min.
Richard Attenborough
157 min.
Leslie Norman
135 min.
Richard Attenborough
188 min.
Noel Coward
David Lean
100 min.
Silvio Narizzano
101 min.
Richard Attenborough
144 min.
Barbara Kopple
Closing film out of competition
100 min.
Mark Mori
Susan Robinson
55 min.
Allan Francovich
58 min.
Richard Oxenburgh
51 min.
Stephanie Black
70 min.
Fax Bahr
George Hickenlooper
Opening Night Film
Not in competition
97 min.
Torben Skojdt Jensen
70 min.
René-Philippe Dawant
15 min.
Menelaos Karamaghiolis
75 min.
Joris Ivens
Not in competition
55 min.
Christine Choy
Renee Tajima
47 min.
Christopher Olgiati
68 min.
Nichola Bruce
Michael Coulson
60 min.
Robert Nicod
28 min.
Joris Ivens
Marceline Loridan
Not in competition
80 min.
Dario Arcella
Luis Campos
80 min.
Mikhail Avetikov
78 min.
Montxo Armendariz
90 min.
Spike Lee
119 min.
Barry Levinson
120 min.
Jim McBride
107 min.
Mike Figgis
92 min.
Francis Ford Coppola
95 min.
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