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65th San Sebastian Film Festival
22/30 September 2017 - #65ssiff

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La batalla de Chile (2ª Parte): El golpe de Estado / THE BATTLE OF CHILE (PART 2): A BLOW AGAINST THE STATE
It Happened Yesterday

A chronicle covering the period of the failed June 1973 coup until the repression following the military bombardment of the Palacio de la Moneda in September of the same year, a Coup d'Etat during which President Allende lost his life defending the Constitution. Extremely precise, this documentary expounds both the advances of the right-wing opposition and the disorganization of the left-wing sectors, incapable of presenting a united front, during the agitated southern winter. There are even some masterly strokes of cinematographic observation: the burial of Allende's aide-de-camp, the interview with women from a run-down neighbourhood, or a TV controversy serving as an appropriate synthesis of the division running through Chilean society.
PATRICIO GUZMAN Debuted in documentary cinema with La tortura y otras formas de diálogo (1968), continuing along the same lines with El paraíso ortopédico (1969), Primer año (1971) and La respuesta de octubre (1972). He later tackled his most ambitious undertaking, La batalla de Chile (The Battle of Chile, 1975-1979), subtitled La insurrección de la burguesía, el golpe de Estado y El poder popular, a trilogy which for obvious political reasons he had to edit in Cuba, far from his native China.
Patricio Guzmán
Patricio Guzmán
Jorge Müller Silva
Pedro Chaskel
Running Time
92 m.
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