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65th San Sebastian Film Festival
22/30 September 2017 - #65ssiff

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Zaman, l'homme des roseaux / Zaman, the Man Who Lives in the Reeds
New Directors

Zaman and his wife have always lived in the Iraqi swamp region. Having met on the water, they have built their life together in their reed house. One day, Zaman learns that his wife suffers from a strange illness caused by the war. Consulting the only doctor in the region, he suggests that Zaman go to the city for the necessary medicine. Sailing on the Tigris, Zaman observes what's happening on the banks; he witnesses the ancient and modern history of the Iraqi land and its people. Resorting to all sorts of efforts and spending the little money he has, Zaman at last gets the medicine. He returns home happy and his wife is pleased to see him after so much time. But they can only exchange a very few words.
Prior to debuting as a director of feature films with Zaman, l'homme des roseaux, Amer Alwan directed several short films (Rivages, Vengeance), and various documentaries describing the situation in Iraq, such as Les mandéens d'Iraq, Les enfants de l'embargo or La forteresse de Kirkuk. He collaborated with Abbas Ibrahim on the documentary Retour à Babylone and was advisor on the one directed by Michel Vuillermet, Saddam Hussein, le maître de Bagdad.
Amer Alwan Alwan
Amer Alwan
Tomasz Cichawa
Roger Ikhlef
François Rabbath
Sami Kaftan, Shada Salim, Hussein Imad, Saadiya Al Zaydi, Haider Abbas, Karim Awad
Guilgamesh Films
Running Time
78 m.
Frantzia - Irak
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