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65th San Sebastian Film Festival
22/30 September 2017 - #65ssiff

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Bozes lexanas / Far-Off Voices
Zabaltegi Specials

In the 50s, the inhabitants of a small group of hamlets to the north of Huesca sold their land and houses to the state forestry heritage, leaving the region depopulated. The neighbours now recall the miserable conditions in which they lived and express their scepticism regarding the latest fashion popular with city inhabitants of occupying the hamlets. Juan Miguel Gutiérrez, director of Tabula rasa, affords another rigorously made document stressing a contemporary subject.
Renteria, 1945. He made the children?s feature film Balantzatxoa (1977), the short Ikuska 15, the Basque learning method Bai horixe, the sitcoms Gurtegikoak (1990) and Izurungoak (1992), the medium-length documentary Cuentos de Mayo (1998), the documentary feature film Paisaje con nieve. Pequeña canción (2000) and several documentary shorts: Bizi (1985), 40 (2000), Urbeltzak: Orosia (2003) and Tantak (2004). Last year he presented Tabula rasa in the Especiales Horizontes section of San Sebastian Festival.
Juan Miguel Gutiérrez
Juan Miguel Gutiérrez
Juan Miguel Gutiérrez
Juan Miguel Gutiérrez
Running Time
86 m.
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