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65th San Sebastian Film Festival
22/30 September 2017 - #65ssiff

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Festival Diary » THE INDUSTRY CLUB
Wide gamut of projects at Tareula II
Friday, September 24th, 2010

The 22 European international projects selected at the Tareula II Coproduction
Forum ran a wide gamut of types and genres. Tareula II’s final stage, the International Co-production Forum, took place in San Sebastian Sept. 21-23.

It included theoretical and practical pitching workshops, tutored by Spanish film and TV experts Paco Rodríguez and David Matamoros.

Also, executives from potential international co-production partners, distribution and/or financing companies took oneto- one meetings with Tareula filmmakers. Of Tareula II’s final selection, 13 projects hailed from Latin America, basically looking for a bridge into Spanish film and TV market, despite its financing crunch.

Tareula II highlights included: The ¤3 million gothic-thriller A Children’s Flight, a U.K.-Germany co-prod by Brazilian-born director Werner Schumann. Project suggest a possibly new trend in European film: the influence of recent Spanish genre pics – think The Orphanage or The Others.

Caracas-set film noir Km 72, scripted and directed by Venezuela’s Samuel Henriquez, turning on the murder of a Venezuelan millionaire. Budgeted at $1.1 million.

Indie project Hidden Away, produced by Basque country’s shingle Baleuko, helmed by Mikel Rueda.A¤2.1 million social drama which tells the story of gay, inmigrant and young people.

Experimental movie Jesus on the Mount, by helmer-writer Carlos Serrano Azcona, a clear festival-targeted movie, in line with Catalan Albert Serra’s works.

Uruguayan documentary The Crying Wind,by Jose Pedro Charlo, a true story of 154 Uruguayan children sent by their Spainbased parent, themselves Uruguayan political exiles, to Uruguay in 1983.Produced by Montevideo-based Guazu Media.

Companies or institutions attending the San Sebastián meeting with Tareula II’s filmmakers included Cannes’ Cinefondation and Directors’ Fortnight, powerful French producer Bac Films, top Spanish indie art-house Alta Films and Madrid-based international sales agent Latido Films

Backed by the European Media Program and Ibermedia,Tareula II aims to promote co-operation between Europe and Latin America in the film and TV industry and expand commercial opportunities for projects.

A international jury of experts evaluated early this year a initial list of 60 projects presented to Tareula II. “Evaluating the 60 projects was like taking a tour of world cinema. A very enlightening experience, especially as far as having a glimpse of projects from countries one doesn’t run into everyday such as Ecuador, Peru and Guatemala,” said Dama Filmes’ producer Iona de Macedo, member of Tareula II international jury.

The San Sebastián forum was sponsored by Basque producers association IBAIA.



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