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65th San Sebastian Film Festival
22/30 September 2017 - #65ssiff

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Professional Agenda at the Festival
Professional Agenda - Saturday, September 22

16.00 Principe Cinema, Room 9

Kimuak Showing (With invitation)

19.00 Kursaal, The Industry Club, Rooms 8 and 9

Presentation of APPA (Association of Audiovisual Production Professionals):

How to reactivate the spanish Audiovisual Industry and why there is a need to provide tax rebates for foreign productions in Spain (Industry and Press pass-holders)

19.30-21.00 Kursaal, Press Club

Happy Hour APPA (Association of Audiovisual Production Professionals) (Industry and Press pass-holders)

Professional Agenda - Sunday, September 23

10.00-14.30 – Kursaal, The Industry Club, Rooms 8 and 9

Media Programme Information Session:

Funding for Independent Producers (Industry pass holders)

14.00 – Kursaal, Rooms 2 and 3

IBAU Ibercopia Audiovisual Press Conference (With accreditation)

14.30 – Kursaal, Congress Bar

Media Development Information Session Cocktail (Closed)

19.30-21.00 – Kursaal, Press Club

Happy Hour “Get to know Panama” (Industry and Press pass holders)

Professional Agenda - Monday, September 24


Kutxa Andia Auditorium (Industry pass holders)

09.30 – Breakfast

10:00 AL-KHOROUG LEL-NAHAR, Hala Lotfy (Egypt – 94 min.)

12:00 CHALLAT TUNES, Kaouther Ben Hania (Tunisia-France – 90 min.)

15:30 MOUG, Ahmed Nour (Egypt-Morocco – 90 min.)

17:30 LE VEAU D'OR, Hassan Legzouli (France-Morocco – 85 min.)

21.00 – Ni Neu Restaurant

Announcement of Cinema in Motion 8 Awards (With invitation)

20.00-21.30 – Kursaal, Press club

Films in Progress 22 Welcome drink (With invitation)

Professional Agenda - Tuesday, September 25


Kutxa Andia Auditorium (Industry pass-holders)

10:00 – TANTA AGUA, Ana Guevara and Leticia Jorge (Uruguay - 96 min.)

12:00 – DE MENOR, Caru Alves de Souza (Brazil - 90 min.)

16:00 – ASALTO A LA FÁBRICA DE CALOVENTORES, Estanislao Buisel Quintana (Argentina - 83 min.)

18:00 – LAS NIÑAS QUISPE, Sebastián Sepúlveda (Chile - 90 min.)

11.30-13.00 – Ni Neu Restaurant

Mercosur Audiovisual Programme Presentation Brunch (With invitation)

12.00-14.00 – Kursaal, The Industry Club, Room 9

Presentation of Cookie Box:

Dramanagement & Transmedia: Transforming companies through Art (Industry pass holders)

14.30 – Ni Neu Restaurant

Galicia in San Sebastian - Promotion Cocktail of Galician Cinema (With Invitation)

19.30-21.00 – Kursaal, The Industry Club, Press Club

Catalan Films Happy Hour (Industry and Press pass holders)

20.00-22.00 – Ni Neu Restaurant

Colombia Cocktail - Proimágenes Colombia (With invitation)

20.30 – Victoria Eugenia Theater

EITB Gernika bajo las bombas presentation

Professional Agenda - Wednesday, September 26

FILMS IN PROGRESS 22 (Industry pass-holders)

Kursaal, K2

08.30 – LAS HORAS MUERTAS, Aarón Fernández (Mexico - 104 min.)

Trueba Cinema

16:00 – GLORIA, Sebastián Lelio (Chile-France-Argentina - 110 min.)

20.30 – Ni Neu Restaurant

Announcement of Films in Progress 22 Awards (With invitation)

10.00-14.00 y 16.00-19.00 Kursaal, The Industry Club, Room 8

Preparatory meeting for the VIII Lau Haizetara - IBAIA Documentary Co-production Forum (Closed)

19.30-21.00 – Kursaal, Press Club

XI International Film Students’ Meeting Happy Hour (Pass holders Students or with invitation)

Professional Agenda - Thursday, September 27

09.00-18.30 – Kursaal, The Industry Club, Room 9

Europa Distribution Workshop on Digital (Closed)


09.30-20.00 San Telmo Museum

09.30-14.30 – Pitching session (Auditorium)

11.30-14.30 – Coffee and Networking (Cloister)

14.30-16.00 – Cocktail-Lunch (Cloister)

15.30-20.00 – One to one meetings for the selected projects (Church)

16.00-20.00– Networking and informal meetings (Cloister)

18.15 – Presentations (Cloister)

MICA: Ibero-American Network of Women in Film and Audiovisual Media

Films crossing borders: Consulting workshop on coproduction

10.00-18.00 – Kursaal, The Industry Club, Room 8

European Distributor and Exhibitor Network (EDEN) Meeting (Closed)

10.30-14.00 y 15.30-19.00 Ki K KKutxa Andia Auditorium Basement Kutxa Andia Auditorium Basement

Preparatory meeting for the VIII Lau Haizetara - IBAIA Documentary Co-production Forum (Closed)

12.30-13.30 – Kursaal, K1, Rooms 2 and 3

TVE and FAPAE Press conference (With accreditation)

20.30 Victoria Eugenia Theatre

RTVE Gala (With invitation)

  • Presentation of the Otra Mirada Award
  • Presentation of Cuéntame
Professional Agenda - Friday, September 28


09.00-19.00 San Telmo Museum

09.00-10.00 – Breakfast offered by Gran Canaria Film Commission (Cloister)

10.00-14.00 – Round Tables / Presentations (Auditorium)

  • 10.00Challenges and Opportunities of New Technologies for the Production and Distribution of Independent films

Moderating: Finn Halligan; Speakers: Thierry Delpit, CN Films; Christine Eloy, Cineart Be; Julián Giraldo, RCN Cine; Ricardo Torres, Hubb Media and Entertainment.

  • 11.00Fundings for Co-production

Susana de la Sierra, Director of the Instituto de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales-ICAA; Blanca Urgell, Basque Government Minister of Culture; André Sturm, President of Cinema do Brasil; Elena Vilardell, Director of the Ibermedia Program, and Aizpea Goenaga, Director of the Etxepare Institute.

  • 12.15Co-production forums: Precisions and Improvements

Moderating: Manolo Pérez Estremera; Speakers: Gerardo Herrero, Tornasol Films; Hernán Musaluppi, Rizoma; Andrea Stavenhagen, Festival Int. De Cine de Guadalajara.

10.00-19.00One to one meetings for the selected projects (Church)

10.00-14.00Networking and Informal Meetings (Cloister)

13.00-14.00 – Co-production meeting: BASQUE COUNTRY-BRAZIL (Closed)


14.00-15.30 – Cocktail-Lunch - Offered by ETXEPARE INSTITUTE (Industry Pass-Holders) (Cloister)

Focus on BASQUE COUNTRY-BRAZIL (Closed) (Cloister)

15.30-19.00Networking and informal meetings (Cloister)

09.30-14.30 – Kursaal, The Industry Club, Rooms 8 and 9

VIII Lau Haizetara - IBAIA Documentary Co-production Forum (Industry pass holders)

  • 09.30 Welcome and Presentation of the Forum.
  • 10.00 Presentation of the Commissioning Editors panel.
  • 11.00 Pitching session.

12.30-13.30Kursaal, Press Conferences Room

SGAE-Fundación Autor Audience Award Press Conference (With accreditation)

17.00 – Kursaal, The Industry Club, Room 9

CESYA Round Table (Industry Pass-holders)


19.30 Principe Cinema, Room 7

TVE Carta a Eva presentation (With invitation)

23.00 San Telmo Museum

Industry Party (Industry pass holders)

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