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Culinary Zinema: Film and gastronomy
Culinary Zinema: Film and gastronomy
Aritz Galarza
67 min.
The mystery of the sauce carrying the name of Bizkaia gives us a hint of its origin and ingredients. Also its international nature and the future of our gastronomy, conditioned by our location, our know-how and historical events. The keys to its correct preparation, the existence or not of an original recipe, the sentimental value associated to dishes cooked with it or those truly responsible for its long-standing history. These are some of the questions that beg to be answered.
2013 “A Tale of Samurai Cooking” Film Partners
© 2013 “A Tale of Samurai Cooking” Film Partners
Yuzo Asahara
121 min.
Having had a divorce after one year of marriage, Haru was proposed by a samurai chef in Kaga region to marry his succeeding son Yasunobu Funaki. The son turned out not into cooking but fighting with swords, and four years junior to herself! In order to save the family name Funaki and its position as samurai chef during the turbulent times, Haru decided to teach her newly wedded husband the art of cuisine...
Alfonso Arau
105 min.
Coinciding with the 20th anniversary of its release, this tale of love and gastronomy set in 20th century Mexico returns to the screen. Despite their deep love for one another, Tita and Pedro are unable to marry because Mamá Elena decides that Tita, being the youngest of her daughers, must stay single to care for her in her old age. Wrapped in the aromas and flavours of traditional Mexican cuisine, for years Tita suffers for a love that will last longer than time itself.
Franc Aleu
8 min.
An audiovisual piece bringing a brand new experience. The Celler de Can Roca, proclaimed best restaurant in the world, Franc Aleu, superlative renovator of contemporary opera aesthetics, propose a marriage between gastronomy and the world of opera with a fascinating, multi-format performance involving the participation of famous representatives from different areas of science and culture.
Opening Film
Gina Kim
South Korea 
98 min.
Hao was once a famous chef, but his restaurant is now on the verge of bankruptcy due to his stubbornness and changing tastes of modern people who do not respect traditional dishes any more. To save his legacy, his grandson Mark decides to enter a renowned cooking contest, the Final Recipe, competing against talented chefs from all over the world. As Mark wins round after round with his ravishing cooking skills, he begins to gain attention, even from the main producer Julia, who slowly realizes that Mark strangely resembles her husband David, a master chef.
Closing Film
Amit Gupta
83 min.
Two brothers, both wonderful chefs, fall out catastrophically. At the climax of their dispute they rip the family recipe book in half: one brother gets the starters and the other gets the main courses. They set up rival restaurants, across the road from each other, and spend the next twenty years trying to out-do each other. It takes a daughter to reunite them. She is planning her marriage and is determined that they will both cook together. But can the men bury the hatchet?
Trevor Graham
80 min.
Could a regional love of hummus be the recipe for peace in the Middle East? This was the question on director Trevor Graham’s mind when he set out to film this documentary about the Middle Eastern conflict you don’t see on the nightly news. This is Graham’s humorous journey though the hummus bars and kitchens of Beirut, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and New York. Along the way he encounters the doyenne of Middle East cuisine Claudia Roden, zealots, Jewish settlers, biblical characters, political activists, chickpea farmers, novelists and Sheiks, for whom hummus is a near religious obsession.
Teresa Fabik
98 min.
A romantic comedy about love, friendship and the courage it takes to follow your dreams. The movie is based on the successful novel with the same title by author Kajsa Ingemarsson. Agnes is a chef and she loves cooking. She has a good job, a boyfriend who loves her and a best friend who is always there for her. One day she is both fired from the luxurious restaurant and dumped by her boyfriend. Therefore she has nothing left to loose when a friend asks Agnes if she would like to be part owner in and open up a new restaurant. 
Atsunori Kawamura
113 min.
Documentary delving into the origin of Soup of Life that 88 years old culinary artist Yoshiko Tatsumi keeps on cooking for her life. The Beautiful and delicate landscapes of Japan grows variety of seasonal crops under wisdom of nation's farmers. Yoshiko brings out the best of ingredients as she cooks with care. Beyond the vapors of Yoshiko Tatsumi’s Soup of Life, you will reminiscence the forgotten days of people nurturing love and living in peace.
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