71SSIFF - 22/30 September 2023
International Film Students Meeting
International Film Students Meeting
Oren Adaf
20 min. Short film
Between autobiography and fiction, curiosity and despair, Beshivhey Hayom / In Praise of the Day is a bold homosexual film, taking place at the Independence Park in Jerusalem. Director Oren Adaf plays the lead role of a young man wandering around the park and looking for a phone. He meets the usual characters of the park and is willing to do anything to be able to call his traditional mother before Shabbat.
Aleksandra Maciuszek
Cuba - Poland 
29 min. Short film
In a ramshackle house full of memories, a grandfather cares for his grandson and must care for himself. One week passes and nothing is going to be the same again. With aesthetic inspired by the litheographs from Ars Moriendi - medieval manuals for a good dying, this docuementry proposes disturbing, sometimes grotesque, sometimes harsh, vision of death, which aways - and in the most unexpected ways - nurtures life.
Vladilen Vierny
16 min. Short film
A young African migrant’s first couple of hours on a European beach.
Eugenio Canevari
15 min. Short film
Pedro is an ex henchman under the last Argentinian dictatorship. He lives as a free man and defends his innocence when questioned in relation to the Dina case. Dina is a young girl who was kidnapped during the dictatorship. María Carmen, Dina's neighbour at the time of the kidnap, tells what she remembers, casting doubt on Pedro's claims.
Berenger Thouin
13 min. Short film
Ecole Nationale Supérieure Louis- Lumière, France This is the story of a man who will pass through the First World War like a fury.
Claudia Kovacs
11 min. Short film
University of Theatre and Film Arts, Hungary Have you ever found yourself in an unknown medium? Have you already felt that suddenly you were no legs to stand on? That the time has come to open you curiosity and leave behind everything accustomed? Then you focus all your energies to take a deep breath and make a move into the unknown.
Jerónimo Quevedo
17 min. Short film
Universidad del Cine, Argentina Love letters, silly love letters, old letters about silly loves, and a girl perfect for chasing. From then on it's following her at swimming class, following her at university, following her through the barren areas on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. Inscriptions, interviews, empty avenues, sketches, activists. And in the end, two kids in the street, at a distance, shouting, kissing.
Muriel Kunz
6 min. Short film
Hochschule Luzern-Design & Kunst, Switzerland “My shrink says there aren’t any signs of insanity…”. This film is about the normal insanity of everyday life and about a young woman’s efforts in dealing with it. The more she struggles to come to terms with her environment, the more absurd her story becomes - and still the viewers recognise themselves in in her train of thoughts.
Marija Kavtaradzê
16 min. Short film
Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Lithuania Ben and Vega are sixteen-year-old teenagers who study at art college. Vega lives in a girls' dormitory. Ben ties to visit her, though it's not very easy - he has to be careful, he has to be silent, nobody must notice him. Ben and Vega are in love, they have a plan to make love. Once Ben reaches Vega's room, she tells him they can't make love. This coming of age story is about first times, small misunderstandings and what happens after.
David Figueroa García
25 min. Short film
Columbia University School of the Arts, USA When Lucia's father dies, she's left alone in an antiquated house with her three servants: the maid, the gardener and the driver, Lázaro, who has a latent crush on her. Lázaro's infatuation becomes an obsession as the hierarchies of the household shift. This might be the only opportunity for her to exorcise the demons in the relationship with her father and for Lázaro to finally act on his desire.
Stefan Ivancic
23 min. Short film
Fakultet dramskih umestnosti Beograd, Serbia Four boys, friends and cousins, in between adolescence and adulthood, make the most of their holidays. Followers of Renoir, with pure simplicity and casualness, emancipated from the ponderousness of a script, these four boys involve us in the nonchalance of their idleness, and in their free-flowing futility. In the course of some idle-talk, of a carefree swim in the river of time, or the vacuity of a summer evening, the memory of communist past resurfaces, both idealized and slightly mocked.
Christian Johannes Koch
20 min. Short film
Hochschule fuer Film und Fernsehen, Germany A man gets up. Is going to work. A farm, isolated in the countryside. A cow is to be butchered. Silently he is doing his work. He discovers his powerlessness to his own life. Feels the tension aching. Like the sizzle of electricity.
Keywan Karimi
11 min. Short film
University of Tehran, Iran Couples who are living together both work to make their ends meet. The man works night shifts and the woman works during the day.they have to work all week even on weekends and whenever one of them comes home the other must get ready to leave home.
Not in competition
Liv Scharbatke
9 min.
When the murderer, Karl, is released from prison after a long time, nobody is waiting for him outside the walls. Unable to deal with the loneliness of his new reality and the world which he doesn’t recognize, he quickly realizes that there is one only way out of this situation.
Not in competition
Vladilen Vierny
9 min. Short film
The supermarket is about to close. A young boy hurries up with his last minute shopping.
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