71SSIFF - 22/30 September 2023
Made in Spain
Made in Spain
Gracia Querejeta
100 min.
The latest film from Gracia Querejeta won four awards at the Malaga Film Festival, including Best Film. The relationship between a conflictive teenager and his grandfather Max, a retired soldier. When Jon is expelled from school, Marga, his mother, decides to pack him off to Max in the hope that he will bring him back into line. The two will confront their limitations and their fears.
Pedro Almodóvar
90 min.
In his latest film, Pedro Almodóvar brings us a very mixed bag of travellers in a life-threatening situation on board a plane flying to Mexico City. Their defenselessness in the face of danger provokes a general catharsis that becomes the best way to escape from the idea of death. This catharsis, developed in the tone of a riotous, moral comedy, fills the time with unforeseeable confessions that help them forget the anguish of the moment and face the greatest of dangers, the one they each carry within themselves.
Isabel Coixet
98 min.
A film by Isabel Coixet presented in the Panorama section of the Berlin Festival, winner of the Silver Biznaga and the Jury Special Prize at the Malaga Festival. Barcelona, 2017. A couple reunites after five years apart. Both have had a difficult time. Just when they feel that the past has lost its importance, it bursts back into their lives. Unhealed wounds never close.
Diego Galán
84 min.
Directed by Diego Galán, former Director of the San Sebastian Festival, this documentary composed of fragments of films reflects on how women have been viewed by Spanish cinema since the 30s until today. It was presented at the Cannes Classics section of the last Cannes Festival.
Juan Cavestany
83 min.
European premiere of the new film from Juan Cavestany which randomly makes its way through comedy, drama, social chronicle, horror and surrealism with a common denominator: the uncompromising poetry of of the human condition against the onslaught of the unusual and the chaotic. It will have its world premiere at the Toronto Festival.
Jonás Trueba
93 min.
The second film by Jonás Trueba was selected to compete at the BAFICI in Buenos Aires, where it won the Best Actor Award. A film about the desire to make films, or about what some filmmakers do when they are not making movies; about wasting time and time lost; about conversations, drinking binges, lunches and routines; about strolls after a film; about being in love; about being alone and being with friends, building future memories for a future film.
Daniel Calparsoro
99 min.
A thriller by Daniel Calparsoro starring Pablo, an army doctor posted in Iraq. Following an attack that almost costs him his life, Pablo returns to Spain, where he has to decide whether to blow the lid off what really happened or to back the official story.
León Siminiani
85 min.
This first work from León Siminiani won the Non-fiction Eurodoc Award at the Seville European Film Festival. Midway between documentary and fiction, this is a road-movie narrated in first person about a young filmmaker who travels to India in search of a new "map" for love, for life.
Hammudi Al-Rahmoun Font
71 min.
A film on Shakespeare's Othello. A thorough (almost abusive) casting for an intense, risky adaptation and a director determined to get the most from his actors, with no moral, legal or sexual scruples.
Cesc Gay
95 min.
Winner of awards at the Miami and Nantes festivals, of a Goya for Best Supporting Actress and of four Gaudi awards, this comedy from Cesc Gay is an ironic and merciless portrayal of the failings, weaknesses and other "virtues" of today's men: lost and confused as they search for a new identity.
Neus Ballús
84 min.
A film presented at the Berlin Festival, the BAFICI in Buenos Aires and the Malaga Festival, a surprising fresco of life on the outskirts of Barcelona. Five people and their lives portray the uncertainty and spirit of rebellion that characterises Spain in these times of crisis.
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