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SUNDAY 23 | 10.00 - 14.00. Tabakalera, Patio

* Access with accreditation or by registering here

The audiovisual sector is continually changing, among other factors due to the emergence of new technologies, tools which have been tested in other areas such as the video game industry or medicine, and which are now finding their field of application in film. Thus, initiatives such as Blockchain, Virtual and Mixed Reality, Neurotechnology and Language Technologies are finding their way into film, creating a different narrative and new business opportunities in the audiovisual industry.

To learn first-hand about the new technological advances, their potential applications and the opportunities generated both in the scope of both creation and business, the San Sebastian Festival, Tecnalia and Petronor have joined hands to launch a new event seeking to promote a coming together between the world of film and ICT innovation.

The event will start with the inaugural talk by the film director Juan Antonio Bayona and will come with presentations, demonstrations and a networking area on state-of-the-art technologies including: Blockchain, a decentralised database which cannot be altered and which will revolutionise the distribution and management of rights and permits; Virtual and Mixed Reality, which will transform the traditional passive spectator into an active spectator immersed in a new experience; Neuromarketing, which studies the way the brain responds to different exterior stimuli; and cutting-edge Language Technologies, which develop advanced techniques in the fields of subtitling and multi-lingual translation.

Completing the event will be two panels with guests from public institutions and private companies, who will discuss public-private collaboration and the new opportunities afforded by the incorporation of technology to the world of film.

Event moderator: Xabier Uriarte


  • 10.00 Welcome and Opening session
    • José Luis Rebordinos | San Sebastian Festival;
    • Iñaki San Sebastián | Tecnalia;
    • Emiliano López Atxurra | Petronor
    • Edurne Ormazabal | Tabakalera
  • 10.20 Opening conference by J.A. Bayona, followed by Q&A
  • 11.00 Round table: Public-private collaboration: private perspective
  • Álex Lafuente | BTeam Pictures;
    • Fran Valmaña | EIKEN, Basque Audiovisual Cluster;
    • Leire Apellániz | San Sebastian Festival;
    • Thierry Baujard | NEM Initiative
  • 11.45 Round table: Public-private collaboration: public perspective
    • Lucía Recalde | Creative Europe MEDIA - European Commission;
    • Borja Álvarez | Ministry of Culture, Education and Sport;
    • Joxean Muñoz | Culture Department - Basque Government;
    • Ainhoa Aizpuru | Economic Promotion, Rural Environment and Territorial Balance with the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa
  • 12.30 Technological sprint: Blockchain
    • Óscar Lage | Tecnalia
  • 12.40 Technological sprint: Mixed reality
    • Diego Sagasti | Tecnalia; Pako Ruiz | Sonora Estudios
  • 12.50 Technological sprint: Neurotechnology
    • Ander Ramos | Tecnalia;
    • Sara Sillaurren | Tecnalia;
    • Javier Mínguez | Bitbrain
  • 13.00 Technological sprint: Language Technologies
    • Arantza del Pozo | Vicomtech; José Luis Blanco | EiTB
  • 13.10 Conclusions and closing session
  • 13.20 Demonstration and networking

Tuesday 25 | 10.00 – 11.00. San Telmo Museum Function Hall

*Access with accreditation
The Film Industry and Blockchain round table will be hosted in the framework of the Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum and backed by SPRI. Moderated by José Calleja from Tecnalia; Iván Gutiérrez from Tecnalia and Covadonga Fernández from Blockchain Media will analyse the opportunities of Blockchain technology applied to the audiovisual sector and the way of film consumption by the audience. Furthermore, they will focus on how it will contribute to protect the intellectual property rights and it will also allows to generate a fairer and more transparent share of benefits thanks to the intelligent contracts.

  • Participants
    • José Calleja | Tecnalia;
    • Oscar Lage | Tecnalia;
    • Covadonga Fernández | Blockchain Media



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