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65th San Sebastian Film Festival
22/30 September 2017 - #65ssiff

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Ane / Ane Is Missing
New Directors
David Pérez Sañudo
Foto: Alex Abril
David Pérez Sañudo
Foto: Alex Abril
Jone Laspiur
Foto: Alex Abril
Jone Laspiur
Foto: Alex Abril
'ANE' (New Directors)
Foto: Alex Abril
'ANE' (New Directors)
Foto: Alex Abril
Irizar Basque Film Award: 'ANE'
Foto: Gari Garaialde
Trofeo Irizar Basque Film Award: 'ANE'
Foto: Gari Garaialde
Kafea. A Nespresso with  ''ANE'' (N.D.)
Kafea. A Nespresso with  ''ANE'' (N.D.)
Kafea. A Nespresso with ''ANE'' (N.D.) (es)
21m. 10s.
Kafea. A Nespresso with ''ANE'' (N.D.) (es)
DAVID PÉREZ SAÑUDO (Director and Screenwriter)

The Basque Country, 2009. Lide is a security guard for the high-speed train works, a project that generates social protests in the streets. Coming home after work and partying all night, she makes breakfast for two, but her teenage daughter, Ane, is nowhere to be found. The next day, she’s still not back. Lide isn’t particularly worried, believing that her disappearance is probably connected to their huge argument of the previous day. Looking through Ane’s things, she gradually realises that her daughter is a stranger to her. Debut film.  


David Pérez Sañudo (Bilbao, 1987) has a degree in Audiovisual Communication earned at the Carlos III University in Madrid and a master’s in filmmaking completed at the ESCAC. He has directed more than 10 short films which have screened at more than 400 festivals, including Clermont Ferrand, Gijon, Malaga, Brest and Manchester, and have received several awards and nominations. Amongst them are Indirizzo (2011), Malas vibraciones (2014), Artificial (2015), Tiempos muertos (2017) and Aprieta pero raramente ahoga (2017), which featured in the Kimuak selection and was presented at San Sebastian Festival. He has also directed the miniseries Alardea, presented in the EiTB gala this year. Ane is his first feature film as a director, screenwriter and producer.   

David Pérez Sañudo
Marina Parés Pulido, David Pérez Sañudo
Amania Films
Katixa de Silva Ruiz de Austri, Elena Sánchez Maeso, Agustín Delgado Bulnes, David Pérez Sañudo
Syldavia Cinema
Víctor Benavides
Lluis Murúa
Jorge Granda
Patricia López Arnáiz, Jone Laspiur, Mikel Losada, Luis Callejo, Nagore Aramburu, Fernando Albizu, Gorka Aguinagalde, David Blanka
Running Time
100 m.
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