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San Sebastian Festival’s red carpet will have a second life
The red carpet used at San Sebastian Festival will be 100% recyclable and will set out on a new life following the event as clothing
Friday, September 17th, 2021

Sustainable fashion will be present at San Sebastian Festival’s 69th edition in the shape of recovering textile, in this case from the red carpet, given that the Festival will donate its carpet to Gipuzkoa Provincial Council’s Department of the Environment. The Festival and the Department of the Environment therefore take a firm step forward in their commitment to the environment due to the fact that the red carpets used at the Kursaal and the Victoria Eugenia Theatre will be made in recycled materials that will continue to enjoy a new use on being turned into clothing once the event is over.

The Department of the Environment will hand over the carpet to the Ternua Group, who will extend its life by turning it into a new product and thus prevent it from becoming simple waste. The Ternua Group will therefore clean and disinfect the carpet before converting it into raw material and using it to create a new Loreak Mendian product. This project will represent an example of circular economy, giving a second life to a product that has a very short useful life. Work based on ecodesign will proceed to develop a mono-material product which will in itself be completely recyclable at the end of its own subsequent life cycle.

The red carpet fabric is 100% recyclable polyester, making it perfect for recycling; provided that it isn’t mixed with other materials impossible to eliminate prior to its use, it can end its useful life by once again returning to the state of polyester fibre and entering a new life cycle.

In this respect, the Deputy for the Environment, José Ignacio Asensio, emphasized that “the aim of this initiative is to introduce sustainability criteria from the moment of designing events, to foster the transformation of waste into raw materials, to promote local manufacturing and to highlight the potential of the sustainable fashion industry in Gipuzkoa”.


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