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65th San Sebastian Film Festival
22/30 September 2017 - #65ssiff

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You are in: Home > 2021. 69th Edition  > News > Ikusmira Berriak > Zinemaldia + Plus hosts the screening of short films by the residents of the Ikusmira Berriak programme
Zinemaldia + Plus hosts the screening of short films by the residents of the Ikusmira Berriak programme
The monthly spotlight of Tabakalera’s shared screen will focus, this Friday, on the works of Eduardo Crespo, Mina Fitzpatrick, Manuel Muñoz Rivas, Magdalena Orellana and Marina Palacio

Saturday will see their participation in the recording of Víctor Iriarte’s podcast, ‘El futuro’, where they will talk about their coming projects
Tuesday, March 30th, 2021

This Friday (April 2), Tabakalera’s shared screen will host the screening of five short films signed by the directors selected for the new edition of Ikusmira Berriak, and who are currently preparing their new movie projects in San Sebastian. Eduardo Crespo, Mina Fitzpatrick, Manuel Muñoz Rivas, Magdalena Orellana and Marina Palacio, residents of the seventh edition of the Ikusmira Berriak programme, will present their earlier works in a new monthly Zinemaldia + Plus spotlight session, starting at 19:00.

At midday on Saturday (April 3), they will participate in a round table moderated by Víctor Iriarte, anchor of Tabakalera’s Cinema and Audiovisual programme, where they will talk about the projects underway at the centre. The five filmmakers will participate in the recording of the podcast El futuro, created and directed by Iriarte, with whom they will share the processes, images and sounds of the films they are working on. 

Both sessions are complementary and will enable participants to discover the past activities and future projects of the Ikusmira Berriak residents, thereby providing an overview of their work as filmmakers.

The director, screenwriter and cinematographer Eduardo Crespo (Crespo, Argentina, 1983), who competed in the Official Selection at the last edition of San Sebastian Festival with his third feature film (Nosotros nunca moriremos / We Will Never Die, 2020), will present a short from his early days as a moviemaker, ‘Amaina’ (2010). The project prepared by Crespo at the Ikusmira Berriak residencies is entitled La gruta del viento and narrates the reunion between a father and his daughter set against the caves of Italy’s Tuscany region.

Mina Fitzpatrick (1989) will show Wandervogel, the short film with which she participated in Nest 2017 and which she now develops as a feature film with the same title at the Ikusmira Berriak residencies. The North American director brings with this project the portrayal of a young man accused of killing his father who tries to find his way amid the violence and alienation of the Texan desert.

For his part, Manuel Muñoz Rivas (Seville, 1978), who premiered his debut El mar nos mira de lejos (The Sea Stares at Us from Afar, 2017) at the Berlinale, is working on preparation of the feature film Manantial, about the last trip of a by now rather elderly couple to the source of the Guadalquivir River in the Cazorla Mountain Range. The Zinemaldia + Plus showing will include the screening of his short film Con el viento (2009).

Magdalena Orellana (Buenos Aires, 1990), a student during the second year of the EQZE, will present her short film A Smile Is Not a Paradigm while putting the last touches to the medium-length Hasta que el lugar se haga improbable, a fantasy shaped as an expedition to the mysteries of the North Pole. The Argentine moviemaker has shown her projects in spaces including The Film-makers’ Coop, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Cineteca, MediaLab Prado, BilbaoArte, CCCB and the Community of Madrid’s Youth Art Room.

Having graduated from the first year of the Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola (EQZE), Marina Palacio (San Sebastian, 1996) makes the most of her time at Tabakalera to work on her first feature film, Y así seguirán las cosas. This project, which also participated in the Basque Government’s Noka Mentoring programme, explores the passage from adolescence to childhood – time travels backwards for them – by a group of friends in a Palencian town. At Zinemaldia + Plus, the moviemaker from Donostia will show her short film Ya no duermo (2020), programmed last year in Zabaltegi-Tabakalera and which was part of the Kimuak catalogue. 


Ikusmira Berriak is the programme of residencies and audiovisual project development organised by San Sebastian Festival, Tabakalera International Centre for Contemporary Culture and the Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola (EQZE). The five projects participating in its current edition, the seventh, were chosen from among the 409 submitted, 220% more than were received in response to the last call.

The selection committee, made up of representatives of Tabakalera, San Sebastian Festival and EQZE, chooses the proposals based on five pointers: filmmakers from the Basque Country (Marina Palacio), former participants in Nest (Mina Fitzpatrick), former students at the EQZE (Magdalena Orellana), filmmakers from Spain (Manuel Muñoz Rivas) and from the rest of the world (Eduardo Crespo).

Between March 15 and April 25, the five filmmakers have six weeks to develop their project at Tabakalera, where they have received advice from the committee of experts made up of the moviemaker Sergio Oksman, the producer Eugenia Mumenthaler and the programmer Javier Martín. The aim of this first part of the residency is to provide space, context, time and resources, and the programme is therefore articulated around two aspects: training and project development. The residents make the most of the spaces and services offered by the centre and of all of the activities taking place in the actual Tabakalera building. 

The second stage of the Ikusmira Berriak residency will take place in September, coinciding with the 69th edition of San Sebastian Festival, to which they will take a more advanced project to share with the film industry.

Each project receives a development grant of €5,000, to be delivered in June, in order that they may continue to work on their project between the two residency periods. Furthermore, during this intermediate period they will continue to receive online attention from their tutors. Finally, the Irusoin production company will present the Irusoin Post-Production Award to one of the selected projects, which will have the opportunity to use the sound, colour and graphics post-production services until obtaining a master DCP.

SCHEDULE - Friday April 2 - (Tabakalera Cinema, 19.00)
A selection of short films directed by the residents of Ikusmira Berriak 2021 
Entrance 3,50 €
Eduardo Crespo  (Argentina)  2010

Two brothers and their dying mother are waiting for the rain to stop. It's already harvest time and the crops are starting to weaken. They have to make a choice: either stay in and look after their mother or go out to work before the water ruins the entire crop. Even if this means leaving their mother in her final moments.

A Smile Is Not a Paradigm
Magdalena Orellana  (USA)  2018

A Smile Is Not A Paradigm is intended to be a portrait of Jimmy the Nose: the host of an Italian restaurant in Little Italy-Manhattan famous for having been the cradle of the Italian Mafia in the seventies. A voice alien to the reality of the restaurant will read us the experience of two former customers through their reviews on TripAdvisor.

Con el viento
Manuel Muñoz Rivas  (Spain)  2009

After some time away, Ignacio returns to the family home on the occasion of his mother's death. During the days of mourning they share together, the stillness of the landscape and the difficult communication will measure the distance that separates the man from his own history.

Mina Fitzpatrick  (USA)  2017

Dan Daily lives in the middle of the Texas desert where, in 2009, he opened a retreat for children who had killed their parents. Wandervogel starts when two documentary-makers arrive at Dailey’s house to shoot a film and find him dead.

Ya no duermo
Marina Palacio  (Spain)  2020

Miguel and his Uncle Kechus want to shoot a vampire film. In that endeavour to create something together, reality and fiction alternate, in a game which also shows the particular relationship established between boy and adult.

SCHEDULE - Saturday April 3 - (Tabakalera Cinema, 12.00)
El futuro: Ikusmira Berriak. A round table on the Ikusmira Berriak 2021 film projects
Free admission while places last
Hasta Que El Lugar Se Haga Improbable / Until The Place Becomes Improbable
Magdalena Orellana  (Spain - Argentina)

The magnetic north pole is moving away from its usual axis and no one in the scientific community can explain why. As if confronted with a strange artifice, the characters in this film will experience a series of fortuitous events under the effects of a mysterious force that seems to deprive them of everything they had ever learned. Eighty-three holidaymakers will have a communal siesta under a sky that will reflect a spectrum of unrecognisable colours. Someday they will either wake up or they will not. Both options seem reasonable.

La gruta del viento / The Wind's Cave
Eduardo Crespo  (Argentina)

Horacio is a vet who has emigrated to Italy from Argentina a few years earlier. He lives with his daughter Mara, an introverted young woman who has a passion for potholing. They go on a trip separately but one that finds them both in the middle of the mountain, to talk about all those things that they have never talked about. La gruta del viento is a film about an early farewell; the daily rites that we perform while life goes by; close ties, identity, the force of nature and emotions.

Manuel Muñoz Rivas  (Spain)

After undergoing complex neurosurgery and a long hospital stay, an elderly man, now partially rehabilitated, goes on a weekend excursion with his wife. Together they travel by car from the mouth of a river to the mountains, where they continue on foot, in search of the remote source of the river. The route is confusing and will test both their physical and moral stamina. When they finally near the spring, they are surprised by nightfall before they can see it with their own eyes.

Mina Fitzpatrick  (USA)

Estrella Vista is a small ranch hidden deep in the Chihuahuan Desert, a place where young parricides - youth accused of killing their parents - find refuge after being released from prison. Dan Dailey (68) and Derek King (28) live together in the open expanse of the West Texas desert. When Dan dies of a heart attack, Derek finds himself adrift and under the suspicion of the authorities in town. Wandervogel is a hybrid documentary that investigates the life of Dan Dailey while reconstructing the elusive father figure of Derek’s imagination. Using Dan’s blog, The Wandervogel Diary, Derek and the film crew investigate the possibility of a filmic reincarnation.

Y así seguirán las cosas / And thus it will go on
Marina Palacio Burgueño  (Spain)

Y así seguirán las cosas is a project that hovers between fiction and reality. The aim is to complete it over 5 years, in a filming process that will remain open to the lives of its protagonists: a group of children who will live and stop living in a small town in Tierra de Campos. All of their lives will change and the film will change with them.

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